Wednesday, October 22, 2008

{our baby is one}

It seems like yesterday...

First Cry

My sweet Avery,

I can hardly believe its been a year since your birth. I remember it like yesterday. It feels like yesterday. I vividly remember the night before your birth. I slept two hours at the most. You moved constantly that night. I guess you were excited, too. I tossed and turned and savored every last kick, punch, turn and rolls you made. I dreamed of how much our lives were going to change in a matter of hours, of your sweet face, your tiny cry, your fingers and toes, you in my arms, the first kisses. As your daddy and I drove to the hospital we talked about all of those same things. We were so eager to have you in our arms.

Then you arrived. You were perfect, healthy and in our arms. Our prayers were answered. We were a happy family of four.

From the moment I first saw you and every day since, you have brought us nothing but joy. Your gentle and sweet personality is a blessing to everyone that knows you. Even more so to me.. your mommy, daddy and sister. Your smile is bright and contagious.. your giggles are priceless... your eyes sparkle... your slobbery kisses are love. We simply can't imagine life without you.

I feel like I only blinked and you were one. It's funny how life does that.

I hope you always feel how very much you are loved.

I love you,

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwe.....You can do stuff like that it makes me cry! She is a sweet special little girl....

We love her so much...

Aunt Me and Uncle Pooh

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