Monday, December 29, 2008

{cousin love}

I didn't want to share these before Christmas as they were a gift for Grandma. :)
I know she has access to this blog, though I think she's too busy to check it often... I didn't want to risk it.

I knew it would be a task to get some good shots. I was most worried about my two girls! Newborns and teenagers are a walk in the park compared to my two that just want to run.

Of course, we had an accident as we were getting everyone dressed. Avery fell and split her eye open. So with some delay we went ahead and made it a memory.

Poor baby...


Anonymous said...

After all the drama of that day!LOL We couldnt ask for on them so that i can place my order! I love the one of C and K(yeah i know that its not on here!)



Jennifer said...

Great job! Poor A, glad all the pics turned out great nonetheless! :)

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