Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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This preview is from a birth I shot last week.

When my good friend, Jen, asked me last year if I'd photograph the birth of her second child I was so excited - (and honored)! I love the emotion that comes with the birth of a child and being able to caputure that is something that I love.

I met Jen and Travis at the hospital last Wednesday morning.. along with other family members. The entire way to the hospital, as I fought the traffic, I prayed for Jen and her little family. It brought back so many memories of the morning Bradley and I were heading to the hospital to become a family of four. Just a short 16 months ago I might add. I found myself with butterflies as I remembered that day. It was so exciting - I knew that by the afternoon Jen would be feeling all of that same excitement and joy.

As soon as things got going, they went pretty fast. Jen was a great sport and didn't have any of those "mean" moments she warned me may come (hey- sometimes that's just a part of child birth!)... I snapped away all morning long and just before lunch it was "time". My heart started racing for Jen. Her sweet baby arrived quickly! As I watched his arrival behind my camera, I felt the tears streaming down my face. God is so good. Jen and Travis are now the parents of two handsome little boys!

Jen- Thank you again for allowing me to be with you during this special day and for your sweet friendship. You have many fun filled days ahead of you- I know that you'll treasure each and every one of them.



Mrs. Hinson said...

Kari, those are beautiful! You are very talented!

Melanie Reyes said...

Getting all teary - how emotional and beautiful!

Kari said...

thanks christen!

mel- trust me I was all teary too. :)

TheVanzants said...

These are awe.some! I got teary-eyed looking at them, too. Brings back memories - that was me just ONE year ago - hard to believe.

What beautiful pictures!

Mrs. Bell said...

aww, that brought tears to my eyes!! to sweet!

Dana said...

Awesome way to document a birth...you did great :)

jill said...


Marisa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

You have a knack for this, girl. ;-)

Jennifer said...

OH MY STARS!!!!!!!! I have been in town all day, and had I known these were on here, I would have been HOME!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything you captured. I knew you would do an amazing job. The one of Carter pushing him down the hall, has me all giddy.

Thank you again, we will cherish these forever!! I am so grateful to have met you and thankful you captured my special day!!

God bless, love you!

Anonymous said...

Love these makes me want to have labor and not a c-section! LOL beautiful!!! The wonders and amazing things life brings us.


Kati Alison said...


These pics of Jen and family are absolutely beautiful!! You have a very special gift girl!! You caught some memories that will last a lifetime for them. It was good seeing you at the hospital too!!


pink coffee photoart said...

you SERIOUSLY rock at this. there's just something about the vulnerability of your birth photos that tugs at my heart. i love how you document the entire day. you are obviously so good at blending into the background. i've always said when i give birth i don't want a camera within 5 miles, but if i change my mind, I'm calling YOU!

Kari said...

Thank you, everyone!!!

Kati- It was great seeing you too.

Lyndsay- You'll want to change your mind and when you do.. you better call me :)

KB {kathryn brown photography} said...

Great Job Kari, these are truly amazing. I know where you will be when we have our next one ;) [don't worry...no time soon...]

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