Wednesday, October 7, 2009

{almost the big one...}

This preview is long overdue... but here it is!

Again, this little guy needs no introduction to my blog readers. In just a few weeks this little "treat" will turn one!


blog4 blog8

blog2 blog1


Debbie said...

Absolutely Adorable!!!!!

Jennifer said...

They're awesome, as always! The one of him in the field, and the last one are my faves!!!

Dana said...

Ok my faves are all the ones of him in the blue chair! (and NOT b/c it's my chair!! seriously!)


Lindsey said...

You make it hard on a Mama! :) I have to agree with Jen and Dana(thanks to both you:)) I love the one in the field and the last one! Plus the ones in the chairs...of wait thats pretty much all of them! <3

Abbi said...

great work!!!
hollie showed me all of the pics!! they were awesome!! you really captured her personality and got some REALLY great pics!!

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