Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{its fun to be one!}

A lot describes this little one... sweet, handsome, fun, BUSY! :) Colin is turning one next month and last night I had the pleasure of meeting up with him, his mommy and his grandma for his one year photos. We had a lot of fun. Thankfully, I was feeling a little better because this little man is walking, almost running and he ran the show. Which is what one year olds do. :)

Amy- I hope you enjoy your preview!

Enough of my rambling.... come look how CUTE!!!



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TheVanzants said...

what a doll! these are some of my favorite photos of yours.

Lindsey said...

Oh they turned out sooo good! What a little cutie. :) Love the ones on the porch...and of course the close up b/w!

Carrie said...

Such sweet pictures!

Lisa said...

Kari---these are beautiful! He is such a sweet sweet boy.

pink coffee photoart said...

i love that last shot-so fun!!!

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