Friday, April 16, 2010


Back in February, there was a contest on my facebook fanpage. The contest was a give-a-way for a couples session. To enter couples had to share their "love story" - how they met or share about their best valentine gift. There were so many great entries. I'm sure my friend, Dana, had a hard time choosing!

Abbi (&Adam) Taylor were my lucky winners.

Abbi later chose to use her session in a different way. Tonight, I spent a little time with their little girl, Kennedy.

But first... I'm gonna share her love story as entered in the contest.

Thanks for entering, Abbi! I hope you enjoy this small preview.

well, i have a super funny story how me and my hubby met! we had been going to the same church for about 3 months and the church we went to had a co-ed softball team! at the time i was dating a different guy...well, kinda dating! and he wasn't really seeing anyone to serious either! i had decided to give a go at it at the co-ed softball team because i ... See Morewas new in the church and it would be a great way to meet people. we had our first practice and i was placed left center field! should i say that is a VERY popular place to hit the ball....well, it is....super popular!! Adam (my hubby now) was up to bat (now i think he is all of 155lbs!!) and he didn't look like a power hitter if you know what i mean?! he got up to hit and the first pitch was pitched he swung and it was a line drive right to left center field...right where i was standing!! now i would like to say i was pretty good athlete in high school so i thought i had this! i yelled "i got it" (like you should in softball!) and i totally missed it!! it hit the side of the glove...then right into the left side of my face!! needless to say i broke my jaw/face in three different places had my mouth wired shut for 6 wks and i was suppose to get my braces off the next day!! what a night huh??!! the next week he came to visit me and we hit it off great!! we began dating and dated for almost 4yrs and got married!! we joke about it all the time what a great story we have to tell Kennedy one day!! daddy knocked mommy right off of her feet ...and he really did!! God has truly blessed us and our marriage!!






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Abbi said...

aw...kari, i love them!! you done such a great job!! thank you so much! i'm so excited!

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